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LIPOSOMAL TMG  powder-based liposomes made from natural phospholipid molecules that protect TMG from digestive enzymes and carry them into the bloodstream for targeted systemic delivery.


Liposomes encapsulate active ingredients in a phospholipid "bubble" to protect and deliver them directly to the cells of our tissues, which are reached via the bloodstream. They are specialized delivery vehicles serving multiple roles in enhancing the capabilities of active ingredients.


    • Betaine Anhydrous Tri-methyl glycine (TMG) is an amino acid and one of the building blocks of protein. Tri-methyl glycine contains three methyl groups and functions very closely with other nutrients like choline, folic acid, and Vitamin B12.

      Betaine anhydrous is a naturally-occurring compound found in various grain and vegetable products. It is unique because it has the ability to donate one of its methyl groups, which means that it can support essential chemical processes in our bodies like liver function, and cell replication.

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